Slide out functionality is a great way to maximize usability of compact vans. 

The design highlighted below demonstrates the use of shelving & drawers mounted on a slide mechanism. Access to the shelves is from the outer side of the unit vs. the middle of the van. The diagram below shows an example of this configuration.

If you have a compact van such as a Transit Connect, Mercedes Benz Metris or RAM ProMaster City, maximizing space is most likely a critical concern. Due to the limited size within compact vans there a few best practices we recommend: 


  1. Underfloor Drawers are a great way to maximum storage within a compact van. The floor will still have the same load capability, while providing X cft of storage. Each drawer has a load capacity of 300+ lbs. Drawers pull out from the van to provide easy, strain-free access to materials and tools. Underfloor drawers can be accessed from the rear and/or side doors. Optional heights are two 3” drawers stacked or one 6” drawer side by side.  Below are examples of underfloor drawers installed by TC1 

Example of one 6” drawer and two 3” drawers. Length is approximately 40”.

Drivers-side door is a great place to install a small shelving system facing out of the van. This unit can be used as a locker for safety gear, clothes, laptop or important paperwork.

Small Vans

Ford Transit Connect 105″

Ford Transit Connect 120″

RAM Promaster City

Mercedes Metris 135″

Nissan NV 200

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