Mobile Workspace Design Ideas

Syncro Van Solutionsamp; Truck Werx focuses on designing the perfect interior package for each customer. Years of experience have enabled us to amass a vast cache of mobile workshop design knowledge and now… we want to share some of that knowledge with our customers.

The best place to start when designing any van is to ask yourself what tools you need and what materials you will be carrying. 

  • Think in terms of what tools need to be stored in drawers, or on shelves or in cabinets. 
  • How many items do you have and what is the approximate size & weight of each? 
  • Do you have power tools in cases? 
  • What about speciality tools that need to be stored securely? 
  • Are you transporting material in 1 or 5 gallon containers? 
  • Do you use aerosoles, caliking and electrical cords? 
  • What type of hardware do you carry? Does it need to be easily transported from the van to the jobsite?  
  • Do you carry ladders? If yes, how many and what size? 
  • If your van is a medium or high roof, are you working in the van? 
    • Do you need a workbench, vice, electrical outlets or a compressor?
  • If your van is a low roof, do you want slide out storage or underfloor drawers? 
  • Do you transport any heavy equipment that requires a ramp or lift? 
  • How can I easily carry 4×8 materials without sacrificing the usability of my van? 

Next move to the floor & walls. Floors & walls are important because they protect your vehicle investment.  Floors are literally the foundation for the rest of your design and should be durable, liquid & solvent resistant and easily cleanable. Floors generally come in materials such as coated wood, rubber, plastic or aluminum. 

Wall liners are an inexpensive method of protecting your van from dings, desnts, scratches, etc. They come in a variety of materials including composite, steel or aluminum. 

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