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Thanks to over twenty years of experience and research in the field of van racking, the design department of Syncro System  group, has developed a revolutionary new racking system in which every component is modular in design. The great advantage of the ULTRA system lies in the flexibility with which different elements of racking can be combined to create solutions that are 100% tailored to the needs of the end user.


In the Ultra system, all components feature a modular design in three

Height ranges from 1.5” up (in theory there is no limit), in steps of 1.5”

Depth ranges from 4” to 16” in steps of 2”

Width ranges from 10” to 60”, in steps of 10”

Side panels are the structural elements of the Ultra system.


Ultra-side panels are the vertical, load-bearing structures of the Syncro
Ultra racking system. Side panels are made from high-strength steel and
come in heights that are always multiples of 1.5”. They have pre-formed holes
at regular intervals of 1.5” in height and 2” in depth on the sides and on the
front and rear edges. There are two types of horizontal element:

 Elements installed between and supported by two side panels. Most
horizontal elements are of this kind, including metal drawers, shelves, vice benches, trays and doors. Just like side panels, all these elements come in heights of 1.5” or multiples of 1.5”. This means they can be combined in any sequence and at whatever height you want.

 Elements not installed between side panels. These include cabinets of transparent containers and sideways-opening drawer
cabinets. Even these elements are totally compatible with all others, however,  because:

 Their dimensions are compatible with all other system components.

 They can be installed above or under pairs of side panels, combining freely with other horizontal elements to form a racking column of the desired height.


Horizontal profiles are the wild cards of the Ultra system. They can be used to connect two side panels horizontally, to support other elements and as raised edges to delimit compartments. There are two types of horizontal profile:

 Light-duty (XLA). These serve mainly to delimit compartments or as structural parts that do not support any load.

 Heavy-duty (XSA). These can withstand loads and are therefore used in intermediate positions to support e.g. a work surface.


Some images of extra-heavy-duty profiles


To make Syncro Ultra racking even stronger, you can use brackets of various
shapes. Brackets can be used individually or in pairs and serve primarily to
stop racking columns tilting or twisting. They are particularly useful with wide
or deep horizontal elements and in any situation where a heavy vertical load
has to be supported. Both types of horizontal profile come with holes for use
with reinforcement brackets.


Learn all about the elements of the Ultra racking system for vans and
commercial vehicles:
 Metal drawers
 Transparent container cabinets
 Configurable shelves
 Shelves of plastic containers
 Open shelves
 Doors for horizontal elements
 Pull-out and fold-away vice benches
 Case compartments with shuttles or straps
All elements of racking in the Syncro Ultra system are fully compatible and
can therefore be combined with any other product from the Syncro Catalog

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