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TC1USA Garment Vans with Syncro Hanging Package

TC 1 Provides Syncro Systems unique garment hanging package. This easy to install, cost-effective, and efficient system for garment vans can help get your garment delivery business cleaned up. We offer complete fabrication services in our shop serving the Yoe, Harrisburg, and Baltimore areas.

Syncro galvanized bars for hanging garments have a unique Omega profile that incorporates spring-loaded fittings which allow them to be engaged and disengaged from holes in the fixing rails quickly and easily saving you time and money.

The bars have a galvanized Omega profile and come in tall and medium height versions. Depending on your needs and the size and shape of your van, bar fixing rails can be installed on the roof, the side walls, or even in both positions at the same time to exploit every inch of space. There’s no risk of garments falling off either: Syncro hanging garment bars are specially designed to carry clean, ironed garments on hangers.

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