Ideas for Hauling 4×8 sheets of material:

Removable & Adjustable Floor to Ceiling rails for hauling 4×8 materials such as plywood, drywall or sheet metal. 

Adding a vice and  build in electric,  improves the usability of your mobile workspace 

Secure storage for hard cases and tool boxes 

The tool box secure system is a must have for anyone carrying tools in hard cases or tool boxes. Syncro tool box secure system can be installed on open wheel housing covers. The grip shuttle moves in one direction only. Once it comes in contact with the tool box, this system secures the tool box in place. By turning the rear flywheel, the disc is further tightened up against the tool box for additional safety. To release simply press the locking lever. It is also possible to install two grip shuttle systems inside the same wheel housing cover.

Additional Organisation Accessories

Stay organized with items such as aerosol holders and electric cord hangers

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